Havana Twists: everything you need to know

Havana Twists are large, kinky twists created by using Havana hair extensions. Havana hair is textured, synthetic hair extensions. Havana hair is made to look similar to kinky, natural hair. Havana hair is light-weight and can be styled in buns, ponytails, or left to hang.

Pinterest blogger Michelle with Havana Twists for a professional style

3 Reasons Why Havana Twists Help Hair

1. Havana Twists are a protective hair style. They protect the ends of the hair strand from being exposed to the environment.
2. Havana Twists are made of light-weight synthetic hair, lessening the strain on the roots which is caused by heavier hair extensions.
3. Havana Twists are chunky twists, meaning that each individual twist holds a larger amount of hair. This lessens strain usually caused by smaller extensions like “micros” or “individual” braids/twists.

Where to purchase: Fingercomber

Cost: $12.99 per pack of hair

How much hair to buy…
depends on the density of your hair
depends on how many twists you want
My experiences: I use one pack of Havana hair in Chestnut Black to create my Havana Twists. The Havana Twists keep my hair moisturized, are easy to take down, and protect the ends of my hair.

Pinterest blogger Michelle with Havana Twists parted to side
Havana hair colors…
onyx: very black, 1 on the synthetic color scale
chestnut black: off black, 1b
darkest espresso: darkest brown, 2
dark hazelnut: dark brown, 4
amber: red colored tones
sangria: purple colored tones
spiced clementine: red orange tones

Color Guide courtesy of FingerComber.com

Here is a guide that I made to reflect my interpretation of the Havana hair colors.

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