6 Body Butters and Sugar Scrubs to Remind You of Spring & Summer

With the weather going haywire, the cold grip of winter has yet to let up. What a perfect time for homemade body butters and scrubs! These recipes will keep your skin nourished and moisturized as you brave the lingering cold days, while reminding you of the warmer ones to come.

1. Grapefruit Sugar Scrub

Just the name of this butter sounds delicious! With grapefruit essential oil and white sugar it is sure to have you wistfully pinning for warmer seasons.

2. Lux Floral Body Butter

This simple, but luxurious 4-ingredient butter will moisturize your skin with coconut oil and soothe your senses with a floral fragrance. (This butter includes lavender essential oil, but if you're allergic, like me, you can add your own favorite floral essential oil like ylang ylang instead).

3. Orange Coconut Body Butter

Take a tropical escape with this body butter scented with orange essential oil and coconut oil.

4. Key Lime Body Butter

Inspired by the tangy desert, Key Lime Pie, this whipped body butter includes aloe vera gel and olive oil.

5. Lemon Cellulite Body Butter

Prepare your skin for spring and summer with this lemon scented body butter that helps to fade cellulite and common stretch marks. Includes shea butter and coconut oil. (Once again, you can substitute the lavender essential oil for another floral essential oil!)

6. Mandarin Body Scrub

Oh for the love of mandarins! This scrub includes the juice of two mandarins and sugar.

Winter may not be past us yet, but with these Spring and Summer inspired body butters you are sure to relax while thinking of warmer days! Enjoy.

What are your favorite body butter ingredients?

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