Herb of the week: Ginger

Native of Southeast Asia, particularly China, ginger has natural antioxidant and healing properties. Not only is it helpful in cleansing skin, but combined with Calendula, it can be used as a spray to soothe an inflamed scalp.

The Benefits of Ginger
  • Antioxidant
  • Healing, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory
  • Useful for treating arthritis and joint pain
Ginger can be used as a skin tonic to naturally tone and “even-out” your skin tone. It effectively cleanses the skin by preventing bacteria that leads to acne. And if that weren’t enough, ginger can also lighten age spots and reduce cellulite.

Herbal hair spray with ginger for scalp or skin inflammation
You can use ginger to reduce inflammation in your skin or scalp as well. This can be helpful for those with scalp irritation from CCCA Alopecia or Traction Alopecia. Using a herbal spray recipe can be especially helpful in soothing irritated skin.

How To Use Ginger:

Add peeled raw ginger to a smoothie to gain its antioxidant and inflammation reducing qualities from the inside out.

Ginger tea 
  • Drink for health benefits
  • Use as a tea rinse for the scalp or face
  • Use as a herbal hair spray (keep refrigerated)

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