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As you may already know, I recently launched a natural beauty lipstick line for African American/Multicultural women called Hello Beautiful Lipstick. Hello Beautiful Lipstick is free of nasty chemicals, synthetic oils, lead and other harmful metals. The lipstick colors are made with all natural lip-safe, FDA iron oxides and not carmine (a.k.a crushed bug shells) or micas, making it ideal for women with sensitive skin.

You may have also seen the Hello Beautiful Lipstick promotional photos featuring a Marilyn Monroe aesthetic. The model in these photos, Jasmine, kindly agreed to share her thoughts about the beauty industry, the photo shoot, and the mission of Hello Beautiful Lipstick.

LNS: What excited you most about the Women Icons photo shoot?

I loved the vision that Sylvia had for the shoot and the beautiful mahogany appeal that is not always captured today in pop media. Marilyn is without doubt an icon and being able to pose like her gave me a sense of confidence, which was exciting.

LNS: You were the first to try Hello Beautiful Lipstick by Love Natural Sunshine. Share with us your review of the product!

J: The Hello Beautiful lipstick was surprisingly moisturizing and held great color. I usually wear only the bare minimum makeup needed but it felt really natural having it on. The colors worked really well with my skin tone and took away the anxiety of feeling free to explore with them! My favorite was “Once Upon A Kiss.”

LNS: According to Huffington Post in their online video newscast titled, "The Beauty Industry Needs More Shades of Color," there is a lack of beauty products/cosmetics available for women of color, even though, Essence Magazine Senior Beauty Editor Tasha Turner stated that "African American women spent 1.2 billion dollars on beauty care products in 2012" (Redd). What’s more, for women of color who want all natural or green beauty products, there is a lack of shades that match their skin tone. What are your thoughts on this? Why hasn't the beauty industry worked to meet the needs of African American/Multicultural women in the area of cosmetics? How do you think Hello Beautiful Lipstick works to solve this problem?

I can totally relate, I just started a seasonal position at a cosmetics company which uses only natural ingredients, all handmade, no animal testing, etc, but have found in the makeup section those with melanin like mine only have one option of color. The beauty industry has overlooked multicultural women because for so long white, light women are who was found most attractive. I think some of it lends to the same reason why there are less interracial marriages/couples of African-American women and men of a different ethnic groups.
Dark skinned women have never had the spotlight of the fashion or beauty industry. If the makers do not see them as pretty then there is no need to make products. Thankfully, this is changing as more celebrities are making their way into the spotlight.
Jasmine wearing Briar Rose's Kiss Hello Beautiful Lipstick
However, I doubt I have the same beauty budget, as Lupita so with time I think those that make cosmetics for the everyday consumer will go beyond to cater more to the needs of multicultural women.
I think Hello Beautiful Lipstick is a great start because it is made for women of color and priced fairly. With time it will bring more people to think of not just which lipstick works best with deeper-toned skin, but also which foundation.

LNS: How do you feel about the way African American/Multicultural women are represented in the media?

Other than pop music videos, reality television, talk shows or dramas I feel there is an undeniable lack of African American/Multicultural women represented in media. Currently, I’m embarrassed by how multicultural women are portrayed in media. Recently, my choice of TV time has been more focused on HGTV or news networks and its about one in a hundred chance that someone who looks like me will be featured in an episode.

I think it is a reflection of what society sees as capable. I’ll be thrilled when there are more African American/Multicultural women on CNN, TLC, CSPAN or some sort of intellectual documentary. Once this happens I’ll know that society truly recognizes the ability of different genders and racial groups. It’ll show that we have bigger dreams, more motivation and more direction. Even better if we had the power to truly own and create our own networks. I’m also a huge 90s junkie and miss shows like Living Single, A Different World and The Fresh Prince, we had a goal, I think we just got misdirected somewhere.

LNS: Why do you think Marilyn Monroe remains such an iconic female figure?

Marilyn Monroe is so iconic because she played her part yet still added her own flair. She took her talents to the screen, to different genres and more. She studied her industry and made herself so diverse that no one could ignore her. By being diverse, people could manipulate what she said or was perceived to apply to others. She fits many different molds and added meaning to being more than just a “pretty girl” or “blonde”.  Deep down people like things with substance.

LNS: What is one thing you can take away from this photo shoot that you would like to share with Love Natural Sunshine readers?

J: Leave your mark and make your own history. Once I realized that I would be dressed as Marilyn Monroe I found myself thinking of what I liked about Marilyn... and found I could be all those things too. If you believe it you can do it with work and resources. People are going to think what they want to think but you have to power to make your own story or own mark, even if its never been done before.

You can purchase Hello Beautiful Lipstick and other beauty products at Love Natural Sunshine's Boutique.


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