Coconut Oil, Lemon, Grapefruit Scalp Treatment Recipe

Scalp treatments are ideal for a scalp suffering from chronic dryness, dandruff, oiliness or clogged pores. I personally love scalp treatments because they clean my scalp of any product build up. For a scalp in needed of a good cleansing, I suggest using my Brown Sugar Scalp Scrub recipe. It is easy to make, inexpensive and has good results.

If you have a scalp that secretes excessive amounts of oil, try this scalp treatment recipe from themotherhuddle. The Coconut oil, Lemon, Grapefruit Scalp Treatment is ideal for oily scalps. Lemon and grapefruit are naturally acidic and cleanse the scalp similar to how an apple cider vinegar rinse works.

Recipe: Coconut oil, Lemon, Grapefruit Scalp Treatment
4 tablespoons coconut oil
2 tablespoons lemon juice (squeezed)
1 tablespoon grapefruit juice (squeezed)

Apply to scalp using finger tips. Massage lightly for 30 seconds. Leave the treatment in 20 minutes. Wash and condition hair accordingly.

Why Scalp Treatments Are Important – via themotherhuddle
Here are just a few reasons that a scalp treatment should be a part of your regular beauty routine:

  • Removes product build up (even shampoo and conditioner build up)
  • Relieves dry, flaky, tight skin from winter months
  • Treats dandruff
  • Stimulates the scalp to speed up hair growth

photo courtesy of themotherhuddle

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