6 Reasons You Keep Having Split Ends

Got the split ends blues? Read these tips to know why your split ends keep coming back and how to stop them from returning.

1. You comb your hair too much. Combing your hair too frequently can cause damage a.k.a. split ends. Try finger detangling instead.
2. You don’t deep condition enough. Proper deep conditioning is crucial for maintaining moisturized, healthy hair. Hair that has a balance of moisture and protein is less susceptible to breakage.
3. You use too many bobby pins. While a great asset to hairstyles, bobby pins that are used to pin up ends of the hair can causing snagging and breakage. Try doing styles that don’t require bobby pins.
4. You don’t trim your hair regularly. When you find a split end or fairy knot, cut it off. Avoiding trims won’t help you in the long run. In fact, not trimming will prevent length retention.
5. You use too many protein products. Although products or treatments with proteins (keratin, henna) add strength to your hair, without a proper balance of moisture, your hair can become brittle.
6. You aren’t lubricating your ends. Always treat your ends with care, putting the heaviest amount of product on them to keep them happy, conditioned, and strong.

photo courtesy of k is for kinky

How do you plan to prevent split ends?

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