Honey Moisturizes Natural & Curly Hair

When you think of honey… what is the first adjective that comes to mind? Sweet, sticky, creamy, delicious? Sure honey is a perfect spread for toast and a great sweetener for tea, but what about using honey in your hair care regimen? “Wait, you want me to put that sticky stuff in my hair?!” The answer is a resounding “yes!” Honey can be very beneficial for your hair! How? Check out some of the facts!

Honey has many restorative and nourishing powers. Honey can add shine and luster to your hair strands. It can also be used to treat baldness or thinning hair. Honey contains natural humectants that allow moisture to lock into curly hair. Humectants also make honey a great conditioner for curly hair. Additionally, honey contains anti-irritant properties. Say goodbye to that dry, sensitive scalp!

Recommendations & Tips:

For premium quality, purchase honey that is grown locally in your State at your local grocery store.
Try adding honey to deep conditioners, hair mask, and even shampoos for that kick of moisture.
Honey can be used with olive oil for a moisturizing scalp treatment.

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