Ground Cinnamon for Natural Hair

Ahhh… Cinnamon! It’s that lovely spice for sweet and savory foods that reminds you of ginger bread cookies, apple pie, and hot sticky cinnamon buns! But cinnamon is much more than a delightful, editable treat; it can be used for your hair. Cinnamon acts as a hair lightener. If you want an alternate way to lighten your hair, use cinnamon! Cinnamon can help stop hair loss. The antioxidant properties of cinnamon can increase blood circulation in the scalp and in turn lead to hair growth.

How to use:

  • Use 1 tablespoon of ground cinnamon in your favorite deep conditioner regularly to promote hair growth
  • Perform the Cinnamon Paste Treatment by mixing ground cinnamon with warm Olive oil and honey.
  • Perform the Cinnamon Lightener Treatment to lighten your hair strands

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