Banana Moisturizes Natural & Curly Hair

Did you know bananas can be moisturizing for your hair? In fact, this fruit packs a powerful bunch when it comes to nourishing hair strands.
Bananas are filled with nutritious goodies that your hair needs like natural oils and vitamins. Bananas can soften dry, brittle hair, giving hair strands elasticity and repairing split ends. Moreover, bananas can increase your hairs manageability, shine, and growth. Bananas can be used in hair masks and deep conditioners for that extra boost of moisture.

Recommendations & Tips:
  • Use a blender to mix a banana for a mask or deep conditioner
  • Always rinse your hair with cold water to avoid the banana sticking to your hair strands
  • Mix banana with small amounts Olive oil or Aloe Vera Juice for super soft, moisturized hair
  • Drain your mixture through a fine-hole strainer two or three times to get rid of unwanted clumps
  • Use a jar of Banana Baby Food if you are concerned about the actual fruit sticking to your hair strands
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Have you tried bananas on your hair? What were your results?

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