What Does Non-toxic, Green, Clean, Vegan, Organic, Natural Beauty mean?

What is the meaning of the words people use on social media to describe their products: organic, natural, vegan, green, clean?

Greenwashing. Clean beauty. Green beauty. Non-toxic beauty. Vegan beauty. What do all these terms mean? Each mean something different. Let us define them.

Greenwashing is when products contain toxic chemicals but are advertised as healthy and safe through marketing, rebranding, and changing the style and look of the product. However, when researched, these products do not differ from other toxic products on the market.

Non-toxic beauty products still contain chemicals but may not contain the conventional harmful chemicals that can be found in other cosmetic lines. Products can that are non-toxic can be smudge-proof, non-fading, long-lasting, and waterproof.

Green beauty products make an effort to ensure that some of their ingredients are safer. For example, less chemicals will be included, but fragrances or dyes may be included.

Clean Beauty products can contain Certified Organic Ingredients. Most of the ingredients can be pronounced and are healthy and safe.

Vegan Beauty is defined as a product that does not contain animal biproducts. Some Vegan Beauty products are also cruelty-free meaning that they are not tested on animals. Most Vegan Beauty products, however, still contain toxic chemicals, or dyes and powder colorants that contain heavy trace metals.

Organic Beauty means that majority of the ingredients are Certified Organic or can be found in your local grocery store or herbalist shop. These ingredients are safe, tested to ensure quality, and like organic food, have a faster expiration date. Organic Beauty products have an expiration date between 6 to 12 months and may need to be reapplied throughout the day or after eating, swimming, or exposure to the elements.

Natural Beauty, also sometimes described as 100% natural, means that the product contains healthy ingredients like oils or butters but are just not certified. However, it is best read the ingredient list in this case to ensure that product has recognizable ingredients and not chemicals.

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