How To Perfect Your Natural Hair Regimen

Chime Edwards gives some much needed advice for perfecting your natural hair regimen in her video. She describes the three typical types of regimens, recommending how you can modify and improve your hair care practices and hair growth using the LOC and LCO methods. This an ideal video for new "newbie" naturals and for those who have been natural for 5 years plus.

LNS notes: Chime uses a plastic bag in the video to deep condition her hair. We would suggest using a plastic shower cap instead, as plastic bags can be made with toxic chemicals.

Learn more about the LOC Method and the LCO Method that Chime mentioned in the video to begin selecting  the best products for your natural hair.


  1. Thank you for sharing this!! I was glad to learn how I was/wasn't following a healthy hair regimen. Now I know the basics!