Coffee and Cacao Face Scrub Recipe

As we all know caffeine is an antioxidant that works in tightening the skin and reducing inflammation and redness, but I bet you didn’t know that Cacao is also an antioxidant that plays a vital role along side caffeine in getting rid of free radicals to keep your skin young & fresh. These two work hand in hand !

Coffee and Cacao Face Scrub Recipe

3 tablespoons coffee beans, very finely ground
3 tablespoons raw cacao nibs, very finely ground
3 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon sweet almond oil
2 pinches ground vanilla bean, or a touch of pure vanilla extract.

I used my Vitamix to grind the coffee and cacao nibs; you could also use a spice grinder, coffee grinder, or other high-powered blender. It’s important to blend to what looks like a flour; otherwise you might scratch your sensitive facial skin.

Empty ground coffee and cacao into a bowl, and add sugar, vanilla, and sweet almond oil. Mix thoroughly, until it reaches a consistency like damp sand.

Cacao powder holds many benefits for your body 
Wash face as usual. Then use a couple teaspoons of scrub at a time, testing a small area of your face or neck before applying all over. Apply gentle pressure as you gauge how much exfoliation you’d like. Rinse off, and moisturize as you like.

Chart Photo credit: The Lean Gourmet Kitchen

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