Herbs, Oils, and Spices Series: Sage

Origin: Mediterranean

Botanical Name: (Salvia officinalis)

Parts used: The leaves of the Sage herb are used for medicinal and culinary purposes.

Benefits for hair:  Can be used to strengthen and restore hair, while preventing hair loss. Sage can help clarify the scalp when used in an herbal tea rinse. (source)

How to use: Herbal tea rinse
Recipe: Sage Hair Tea Rinse — for Invigorating and Cleansing
Sage helps cleanse the hair of oil buildup and promotes healthier hair.

2 cups boiling water
2 tsp. dried, un-crushed sage (or 1/2 cup fresh sage leaves)

Pour the water over the sage and steep until cool. Remove (or strain) the sage and apply to freshly washed hair. Massage into scalp and rinse out.

*When using a new herb, always perform a “patch test” to check for irritation and use accordingly.

Recipe credit: Rockin it Naptural

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