Herbs, Oils, and Spices Series: Sesame Seed Oil

Origin: Sesame seed oil is extracted from sesame seeds, which are “tiny, flat, oval seeds with a nutty taste.” Sesame seeds come in various colors including “white, yellow, black, brown, and red.” Sesame seed oil is traditionally used in Asian and Indian cooking.

Botanical name: Sesamun indicum

Characteristics: Moderately oil to the touch, strong, nutty aroma, dark brown color

Benefits for hair: Sesame seed oil is high in many nutrients and vitamins that aid in healthy kinky hair including magnesium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B1, and zinc. Sesame seed oil strengthens the hair cuticle and naturally increases elasticity. Sesame seed oil is also resistant to going rancid easily.

  • Nourishes dry, brittle hair
  • Protects hair from harmful UV rays
  • Heals scalp infections; anti-bacterial
  • Prevents dandruff, dry scalp, and fungus
  • Strengths hair from the inside out, improves elasticity

Sesame seed oil is great for fine and coarse naturally kinky hair as it does not weigh fine hair down and provides sheen and “luster” to dry hair.

How to use:
Pre-shampoo (pre-poo) treatment
Deep Condition with plastic shower cap
Apply to scalp and ends of hair after washing

Special Note: Always store oils in cool, dark places like kitchen cabinets. Do not store in the bathroom as this can decrease the shelf life of the oil.

Sources: The World’s Healthiest Foods & Rockin’ it Napptural

photo source: eatseed.com

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