The Benefits of Cucumbers for Hair and Body

Cucumbers also reduce inflammation and because the are very high in Alkaline minerals, prevent cancer in the body. If cucumbers are this beneficial for the body, what makes you think they aren’t beneficial to your hair?

About Cucumbers

Cucumbers are very rich in Vitamin A, Silica, Potassium, Alkaline Minerals, Molybdenem, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Manganese, Tryotophan, Magnesium, and Chlorophyll.

Silica is important in supporting tissue, ligaments, cartilage, muscles, tendons, and bone in the body. It also supports the healthy function of the hair, skin and nails, as it is rich in potassium.

Cucumbers for Hair

Since cucumbers are high in silica, sulfur and have just enough vitamin A, they are excellent for promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss.
Cucumber is beneficial whether using a raw cucumber or cucumber seed oil.
You can even mix well crushed cucumbers with cucumber seed oil and apply to the hair with your favorite conditioner.
What do you think about using cucumbers for your natural hair?

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