The Hair Growth Diet: 10 Blood Circulating Foods

by Kristian Richards of Naturally Curly

Did you know that you could help your curls grow by consuming foods that stimulate your blood circulation? The secret is found in the vitamins and minerals that prevent plaque build-up, safely dilate your blood vessels, and keep your blood clean and thin. If you’re going for length, add these foods to your regular diet, be patient, and see what happens.

Citrus Fruits
When you eat foods that are high in vitamin C like oranges, tangerines, and grapefruits, it removes excess cholesterol to help make the blood thinner. Try regularly eating these tangy, flavorful fruits to help prevent plaque buildup and poor circulation.

Dark chocolate
It’s official, chocolate is good for your hair. Your eyes are not deceiving you. The cocoa in dark chocolate naturally contains flavonoids that can lower blood pressure and improve blood flow. Just make sure to eat it in moderation.

Go for this dense, green veggie to really get blood circulating to your scalp. It delivers vitamins to the hair follicle and its oils can give your curls a boost in the shine department. Broccoli is also an excellent source for vitamin C — it even contains more than oranges.

Sunflower Seeds
Opt for the unsalted version of these seeds. They are rich in vitamin E and antioxidants that help reduce the formation of blood clots. You can also try pumpkin seeds if you prefer them.

Pinkish, reddish foods get their pigment from a natural antioxidant called lycopene. The lycopene in this sweet, seeded fruit contains its blood circulating properties.

With its deep, yellow-orange hue and mild flavor, this spice invigorates the blood and prevents the formation of blood clots that inhibit blood flow.

Cayenne Pepper
This spicy pepper contains capsaicin, an active ingredient that stimulates digestion and circulation. It increases blood flow and the metabolic rate, raises the body temperature, and prevents platelets from creating blockage.

This powerful and pungent food is a natural antibiotic that fights infections, strengthens the immune system, and keeps plaque from blocking your blood vessels.

Fresh ginger is great for lowering blood pressure and dilating the blood vessels. It stimulates the heart, which helps to increase blood flow throughout the entire body.

Goji Berries
This fruit is high in fiber and known for its various healing properties. They help increase the white blood cell count, which is responsible for fighting infection. They also have a high iron and calcium content, which help to normalize blood pressure and regulate healthy blood flow.

Which food would you consider adding to your diet?

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