15 Survival Tips for Winter Natural Hair Care

Making sure your hair stays moisturized and healthy during the cold seasons, like winter, can help increase your hair growth and length. Here are some helpful tips from naturahairteens to keep in mind as you care for your hair during the winter.

1. Watch the materials you put on your hair. Cotton is a no no. It sucks the moisture out of your hair. Make sure it’s silk OR place a silk scarf over your hair (under the item of your choice) to protect your hair because it is WINTER, we need all the moisture we can get!

2. Increase the deep conditioning and/or hot oil treatments. Deep conditioning acts as a barrier between your hair and the weather. It coats the hair strand and fills in the hair cuticle, ultimately making the hair stronger. And whereas cold air and lack of moisture can cause breakage, deep conditioning is a perfect counteraction. It’ll also reduce breakage, shredding, and split ends.

3. Keep those ends moisturized. Moisture is key during this time of year. Therefore, when you moisturize your hair, pay special attention to your ends.

4. Protective Styling. Perfect time for it! Braids, twists, bantu knots, etc. Leave your twist out in two days longer than expected. Get creative with the braids and wear it as a protective style for the week. It’s the perfect way to get your hair up, up, and away from the harsh weather common to winter time.

5. No Poo Challenge. Participate in the No Poo challenge! Cowash the entire winter away to prevent stripping your hair of much needed moisture. Or at least adapt the pre-poo treatment method. No matter what you decide to do, remember, shampoos with sulfate, -cones (dimethicone, silicone, etc.), alcohol, etc. are NO NOs!

6. Buy a humidifier. This will put moisture that you can no longer find outside back into your hair because you’re rehydrating your home’s air. Another option (the naturalhairteen option) is to place a pot of water on your stove or in front of heat vents to let the water steam into the air. You can also place a few drops of an essential oil or potpourri in the water. If you do not want to buy a humidifier, create your own hair steamer instead using a plastic shower cap.

7. Wet less often. Wash-n-go’s are a no no during winter. Your hair can potentially freeze and break off it it’s cold enough outside.

8. Use heat even less. Indoor heating is going to suck some of the moisture from your hair. Don’t help it along with flat irons, blow dryers and curling irons. Winter is an ideal season to practice setting techniques like wet sets (completely dry before you head out the door), pin curls and wraps, none of which require heat to style your hair.

9. Wear “out” styles less often. "Out" styles include the likes of fros, twist outs, braid outs, anything where your hair is OUT. Stray away from it because these styles will potentially be dryer than they otherwise would be in the other seasons of the year.

10. Shower Cap! But not for the reason that you think. Try wearing a shower cap UNDER your protective hat of choice. Your hair will thank you as the shower cap traps some heat and in turn produces moisture for your hair.

11. Don’t detangle dry hair. This goes for all times of the year, but make sure your hair is wet & dripping with conditioner when you detangle with a wide tooth comb. Be gentle!

12. Leave-In Conditioner. One word, moisture.

13. Don’t sleep with your hair out. Pin it up, wrap it up, tie it up whatever. Just don’t wear it out, it’ll cause brittle curls. And if you don’t tie it up, you better be sleeping on a satin or silk pillow!!

14. Vitamins. Vitamins will give your hair, and body, the extra boost they need. Look for multi-vitamins.

15. Consistency. This goes along with the protective styling tip. The less manipulation, the better. Therefore, find a style that works for you and work it!

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