3 Natural Ways to Prevent Dandruff

Applying natural oils to the scalp and using tea rinses are great natural ways to prevent dandruff and overall scalp dryness. According to Dailyglow.com, dandruff occurs when the scalp becomes dry and begins to flake. An oily scalp can also cause dandruff by clogging scalp pores. Try the natural remedies described below to combat dandruff and to ease an irritated scalp.

Grape seed oil and Tea Tree essential oil Mixture

Dandruff can be prevented by applying a mixture of grape seed oil and tea tree essential oil to the scalp. Mix 12 drops of tea tree essential oil with 1oz of grape seed oil. Apply to scalp regularly. You can also use jojoba oil instead of grape seed oil.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is a light-weight, golden oil that moisturizes the scalp and prevents flakiness. Massage a small amount jojoba into your scalp regularly to combat dryness. Use your finger tips and not your nails when massaging.

Nettle Oil & Tea Rinse

Nettle increases blood flow to the scalp and strengths hair strands creating healthy, shiny, full hair with continual use. Nettle oil and Nettle tea rinses can be used to treat dandruff.

To perform a tea rinse, boil ½ cup of Nettle leaves, let steep for an hour, strain the leaves, and pour rinse over hair, focusing on the scalp.

sources: livestrong.com & ehow.com

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